Business Modeling

The firm has been at the forefront of developing new telecommunications, Internet, media, entertainment and sports business models, including music video production and distribution, online services and news/sports cable television networks.

Competitive Research, Analysis and Forecasting

The firm provides competitive research analysis and forecasting that enables companies to assess where they are in the marketplace, and how they may need to respond as future marketplace shifts occur.

Complex Project Management for Enterprises and Consortia

The firm has proven methodologies and skills in managing complex projects, either on an outsourced basis or in providing leadership to an internal team. These capabilities are utilized when different business and functional groups within an enterprise are brought together to deliver on budget and schedule. They also are engaged when inter-industry consortia are organized, which requires creating and overseeing an ad hoc team from conception to completion of its tasks.

Corporate Governance

The firm advises on structuring boards of directors and their committees, including general and topical governance issues that reflect fiduciary responsibilities.

Cross-Border Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

The firm helps to manage complex cross-border transactions, particularly those involving partnerships between US-based companies and companies in Europe and Asia. Strategic corporate and regulatory advice is offered at all stages of these transactions.

Executive Education

The firm frequently is retained to design and deliver top-quality, customized executive education programs for senior executives and corporate counsel in areas such as strategic planning and negotiation. Formats include executive retreats, specialized in-house workshops and executive briefings.

Expert Testimony in Litigation and Arbitration

The firm supports, at all phases, large-scale antitrust, corporate and intellectual property litigation in federal and state courts, and in national and international arbitration panels. It provides expert testimony on telecommunications, Internet, media, entertainment and sports industry history, organization, business strategy, revenue models, operational practices, competition and regulation. The firm also provides comprehensive evaluation of discovery materials.

Government Relations and Public Policy

The firm supports companies and trade associations in the legislative and regulatory arenas with expert research and analysis that is utilized in presentations before international, federal and state committees, subcommittees, and agencies under their jurisdiction.

Negotiation and Mediation

The firm provides a full range of services to support enterprise negotiation and mediation activities. Stuart N. Brotman is a leading authority in both these areas - as author, lecturer and advanced practitioner.

Strategic Planning for Operational Implementation

The firm offers strategic planning and operations research, analysis and recommendations for, often in conjunction with new or expanded market positioning, joint venture or strategic alliance structuring, or merger and acquisition activities.

Transactional Due Diligence Research and Recommendations

The firm provides research, analysis and recommendations to debt lenders and equity investors in telecommunications, Internet, media, entertainment and sports deals throughout the world. It offers a full range of services to support due diligence review by investment and commercial banks, insurance companies, pension and mutual funds, and venture capital firms.