The TIMES® Approach

Stuart N. Brotman Communications is unique in its TIMES® and TIMES -- Telecommunications, Internet, Media, Entertainment, Sports® approach to corporate strategic planning and operations; due diligence advice to banking and financial services firms; international joint ventures; executive education; litigation support; and legislative research and analysis. With an unmatched track record in telecommunications, Internet, media, entertainment and sports issues, the firm has a level of depth and experience that allows it to offer focused research, analysis and recommendations in any of these areas, or in combinations of them that are increasingly apparent due to technological and marketplace convergence.

The linkages between and among TIMES -- Telecommunications, Internet, Media, Entertainment and Sports ® often are critical to determining the right set of solutions. With the TIMES® approach, clients will benefit from insights that cut across conventional definitions of content, conduit, hardware and software.

TIMES® and TIMES-- Telecommunications, Internet, Media, Entertainment, Sports® are registered service marks of Stuart N. Brotman.